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Blogs Destiny 2 Can Be Purchased With World of Warcraft Gold

  • July 12, 2018


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Destiny 2 Can Be Purchased With World of Warcraft Gold

The PC version of Destiny 2 can be bought with World of Warcraft gold. The news follows the announcement that Destiny 2 PC make use of Blizzard’s PC gaming app rather than Valve-run PC gaming platform, Steam.

After announcing that Destiny 2 uses the Blizzard games client on PC, Blizzard published a listing of answers to faq's. In that post the corporation confirms expected features like the use of social features including friend chat, parties, and status icons for your game, almost all states men and women can use their Blizzard Balance to purchase Destiny 2. The Blizzard Balance is usually topped up by World of Warcraft WoW Tokens which in turn are offered with World of Warcraft gold.

A WoW Token may be redeemed for $15 in Blizzard Balance, although the gold price for the token fluctuates. The price often increases and down when new World of Warcraft expansions are announced however the announcement that Destiny 2 would utilize the Blizzard client also saw the purchase price skyrocket and reach an all-time high. According to current data from Wow Token Info, a Wow Token in North America will set you back around 120,000 (though prices have spiked nearly 140,000 during the last 24 hours) and around four WoW Tokens (480,000 gold for the current rate) is going to be needed to buy Destiny 2.

Anyone with World of Warcraft gold – including those that no longer keep a subscription – can spend their gold on Wow Tokens as long as they download the action client and log-in. This means that if they’ve already got the virtual funds, hardcore WoW players (current or former) can bag themselves a duplicate of Destiny 2 for PC at no additional cost.

Some have previously begun to reason that this is a good supply of people for the platform into the overall game. While the advertisement of the sport through the Blizzard client may also go a long way, the truth that those already utilize client offer an easy method to get Destiny 2 could impact it too.

This also one on the better announcements that about the PC version of the sport. Though the reveal of Destiny 2 PC features was considering a large win, any enthusiasm of those features was off-set by concerns about Blizzard client exclusivity and the fact the PC version on the game is going to be released a little while after the console versions. But regardless of if the World of Warcraft purchase choice is enough to recover faith amongst PC gamers is unclear right this



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