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Blogs His one rib performance of two examples

  • January 12, 2018


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His one rib performance of two examples

Second, his character determines the chance he has to type. Green's mind is relatively simple, failing to think too much, as we often say "one root", as JR Smith, Ci Shibing are like this, play is to play, not to consider other people's feelings , Such as to please coaches to win more playing time, and other players do a good job or pass on the field to his teammates to create more opportunities, he did not think about these things to take care of others feelings, he is a rib, no fear of wolf after the tiger , Do not care about the results.

His "one rib" performance of NBA Live Mobile Coins two examples, in his sixth grade, because wearing a ring when dunk, the ring hook in the ring, resulting in his half-ring finger had to cut off eventually, So we all call him "nine fingers". Another time I saw with my own eyes was that he was the 2007 Slam Dunk Champion at the time when the judges were Jordan, Wilkins, Dr. J, Bryant and Carter, all former dunk champions and Hall of Fame players, After Green won the championship, took off the shoes and put it on the judges' table, meaning "Who are you going to? This is the champion's shoes." Of course, the result is that the shoes are thrown directly into the ground. This is the performance of Green "one muscle", he often will not take into account too much, so that allows him to focus on the game, so his character determines that he may hit it.



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