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Fugitive Slave Act
Democrats And Whigs
Fugitive Slave Laws
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What was the Wilmot Proviso?
1846 bill that would have banned slavery in the territory won from Mexico in the Mexican American War
What was the Free Soil Party?
Antislavery political party of the mid 1800s
What was popular sovereignty?
The voters in a territory get to decide whether or not to allow slavery instead of congress
What was the compromise of 1850?
Political agreement that allowed California to be admitted as a free state by allowing popular sovereignty in the territories and enacting a stricter fugitive slave law
What was the Fugitive Slave Act?
Law that required all citizens to aid in apprehending runaway slaves
What does secede mean?
To withdraw formally from a membership learn more in a group or an organization
How did congress try to resolve the dispute between North and South over Slavery?
They decided to embrace the idea of popular sovereignty and let the people decide
How did the northern and southern views of slavery differ?
The North had many varying views, some wanted it abolished because of moral issues yet still saw them as inferior, while others made money of the south's cotton and opposed liberation. The south thought that by having them enslaved, they were helping them and that it was the will of God
What role did the issue of slavery play in the election of 1848?
The issue of slavery caused new political parties and factions to form, splitting the democrats and whigs apart
Why did California's application for statehood cause a crisis?
With California wanting to become a state, they did not want the balance of the pro slavery and anti-slavery states to be disrupted
How did the Compromise of 1850 appease both North and South?
It allowed California to become a free state appeasing the North, and they made the fugitive slave laws stricter to appease the South
Why might the Underground Railroad have been more active in free states than in slave states?
It could have been because by the time they had to get to the underground rail-road, they had already escaped their masters in the South and needed help in the North
In what ways did the Fugitive Slave Act affect free African Americans?
It put their freedom in question as to wether they escaped, or they had bought their freedom or were released
What were the personal liberty laws?
Laws enacted by Northern states to counteract the Fugitive Slave Act by granting rights to escaped slaves and free blacks
What was the Underground Railroad?
System that existed before the Civil War, in which black and white abolitionists helped escaped slaves travel to safe areas, especially Canada
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