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  • May 27, 2021


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Can you get lung cancer from smoking weed?

Can you get lung cancer from smoking weed?

Additionally, many people use both cannabis and tobacco. As people who smoke tobacco are 15–30 timesTrusted Source more likely to develop or die from lung cancer than those who do not, mixing cannabis with tobacco use will impact a person’s risk.To get more news about Hitaste P8, you can visit official website.

In this article, we will look in more detail at whether you can get lung cancer from smoking weed. We will also look at the other ways cannabis may affect the lungs and discuss the safest methods for using it.Researchers are not sure if smoking weed can cause lung cancer. However, there are similarities between tobacco smoke and cannabis smoke. This may mean that smoking cannabis contributes to a person’s lung cancer risk.

Smoking any productTrusted Source is harmful to the lungs. When plants burn, they release chemicals that can cause cancer. These are known as carcinogens.When people inhale carcinogens, it damages cell DNA in the nose, mouth, esophagus, and lungs. Over time, this raises the risk that cells will grow in abnormal ways and form a tumor.

Tobacco smoke is linked to 80–90%Trusted Source of lung cancer deaths in the United States. Cannabis smoke contains many of the same toxins. In fact, compared with the carcinogens in cigarette smoke, cannabis smoke contains:Because people inhale more deeply when smoking cannabis, it also leads to four times the amount of tar deposits in the lungs compared to cigarettes.

However, people use tobacco and cannabis in different ways, which may affect cannabis smoke’s impact on lung cancer risk. For example, people may smoke cannabis less often than people typically smoke tobacco, as its effects last longer than nicotine.

It can also be challenging to determine whether cannabis or tobacco is responsible for lung cancer, as people often use both. Overall, scientists need to perform more studies to assess the risk.



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