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  • August 24, 2021


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The recent pronouncements that Vybz Kartel is inclined to take the COVID-19 vaccine, and should be commissioned by the Jamaican Government to play a lead role in urging Jamaicans to take the jab, has not gone down well with many Gaza Nation fans.

On Sunday, Professor Carolyn Cooper had said Vybz Kartel was Howard Mitchell’s, top pick for the Ministry of Health’s Every Vax Counts campaign. Mitchell, who is Chairman of Jamaica’s National Health Fund, had even advised Minister of Health Dr. Christopher Tufton “to go and reason with Vybz Kartel in prison to see if he would compose a song to encourage people to get vaccinated”.

A day later his attorney, Isat Buchanan had concurred that Kartel should be considered by the Government, which is seeking to get 65 percent of Jamaicans inoculated against COVID-19 by March 2022.

Buchanan had also suggested in a television interview that the Cake Soap artist was open to being vaccinated.

He later told the Star that Kartel was “ready and willing to take the vaccine if it were available” and “when all inmates have it available to them, Mr Palmer would be happy to take it”.

But on Monday, many of Vybz Kartel’s fans reacted in disbelief on the Star’s IG page.

“If Kartel do that I will never say Gaza again to bloodclaat,” chappalaw said, while bowlegged_kelly added: “Know the Gaza fans dem nuh believe that, cah trick wi”.

“Think uno can trick we fi tek that bloodclaat




bizzle__usetothings wrote.

Some fans expressed horror, and urged him not to take the jab claiming that here was a plot afoot to get rid of him once and for all, by way of the vaccine.

“They planning to kill u off baby


????,” __shordie_ wroe, while
gwollagrumpzqq eeeched: “No mi DJ dont do it them want kill u off.”





???? no tek it vybz kartel a kill dem want kill u off,” destiny.choppa5 id, while i.am_gabby_ wiled: “


????kill unuh wa kill off mi artist”.

Some argued that any government official proposing that Kartel be the face of the campaign was being duplicitous, and opportunistic.

“Tek kartel out unuh mouth… y’all only love this man for beneficial reasons kmfrct,” kartel__baby said.

“Lmfao government a real play ground enuh. This man Inna lock up. Yall make sure lock him up enuh because yall wanna get rid of him because he influential… NOW YALL WANT KARTEL FI MAKE PEOPLE TAKE VACCINE ??? WANT THE MAN DO OONU DIRTY DEEDS… government ya very mixy. Never see a government so bare face and dry eye enuh,” ms_ixlandchick wrote.

“Everything unuh use kartel name it goes to show say a true di influence weh di man have weh even bigger than the prime Minister mek unuh lock up di man now unuh want try use di man influence fi convince people fi take vaccine di man fi just sue unuh fi a use him name without authorization,” jd_daddii declared.

Vybz Kartel heads to court (August 11, 2014)
Others said it was an affront to Jamaicans’ intelligence for anyone to think Kartel controls his fans’ minds and decision-making, noting that they cannot be convinced against their will.

“Them really think kartel control a large percent of Jamaicans mind, what a insult




????,” shawn_boss876 jeered, while
joeladams._, imilrly mued added: “



???? kartel a our artist not our doctor


“idk about the other gaza fan but I ain’t taking it….Kartel get bout 7 pickney already enu me nahh mek my penis die den next ting me cya cum off a the gelding truck



????,” ty.ler.gaza said.

“Vybz Kartel only can give us advice about taking it. Like same how him give advice inna him music .better them say them ago ask him if him can give advice about covid 19 them mek it sound like Kartel control we nope he don’t,” faith.hope.blessing.prayer declared.

Others said they were hard core Gaza fans, but made it clear that they would not get inoculated, even if the World Boss did.

“Gaza me seh but all if a Kartel mek it me nah tek it,” west_side_256 said.

“All if me say Gaza 1000 more me naa take it … RESPEC TEACHA SAME WAY BUT ME NAA BE NO PUPPET,”
chadrich876 noted, while tavii_legend added: “True we did guh bleach true him not this time…”

As the discussion continued, some fans contended that there was trickery afoot to coerce people into getting vaccinated, by associating Kartel’s name with the inoculation thrust.

“@vybzkartel mad dem a tell lie pon you bout you ago tek vaccine

????,” joeladams._ wrote, while tagging Kartel.

“Would love to see resent picture

???? and him telling us that, Kartel not that mad,” morgann379 while a.j.a.e_ rubbished he notion pointing out: “Unuh already spread F-ckry about him wanting to get baptized. Dont badda widdit.”

There were others who said they followed Kartel on Instagram and since he did not make the statement there, they did not believe.

“We wah hear it from Vybz Kartel page. Not from unuh,”
richjamaicans wrote, while toocute.ariel added: “Mi wan hear kartel seh dis outta fi him mouth fuss den mi will believe but fi now bye.”

“Affi hear that from kartel him self and all when me hear it from kartel me nah take it,” kellyy_unbreakable added.



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