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  • August 7, 2022


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"ELYON" is a lock-free attack system. When using this attack mode players can play the game quicker. Each profession in the game comes with 24 different skills. Among them, players can choose between 9 different types of skills to Elyon Gold use in a sensible manner, based on the scenario. Skills used in the game may be altered at any point and the fundamental attributes of skills can be enhanced by using Relics.

The original name of Elyon began as A: A. At the beginning of its beginnings, the primary battle was the vehicle station, PVP was based on the air combat and mechanical warfare, and the PVE aspect also included aspects of high-altitude battles that involved vehicles. The wide range of freedom the shooting system is indiscriminate, attracting gamers of all ages to come and experience.

The game has also made registration easier of this server. Southeast Asian server, and the login details have also skyrocketed. Many players are concerned whether the game will be moved into on the Southeast Asian server. Actually the Southeast Asian server does not. By locking the trading line, players can still make money. Earning money could be divided into field brushing, brushes, running rings, playing dungeons, daily activities, along with different daily tasks like treasure hunting. The following are the ways to earn money playing this game.

Elyon Southeast Asia Server Make Money Tutorial/Strategy

Method 1: Open the trumpet

Generally, one account can create 5 characters in one area. The reason players have to play the trumpet frequently is to raise the trumpet to level 36. Clear the equipment library, create the account after one week buy Elyon Gold. Every trumpet holds around 300.000 silver coins. If you're a player who must open five numbers at once then they must visit the mall to buy a character expansion volume.



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