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  • July 20, 2022


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It's time to go back into the Carnival. After the first stroll down the midway, you can purchase some tickets and head out to enjoy all the fun. A short ride at the ferris wheel, a spin on Elyon Gold a roller coaster that's not so great, and a walk through The House of Mirrors are all waiting for you. You've been to all of those rides or attractions a few times before which is why there's no reason for you to go back in line to do them again. In Elyon, this is the core of the game. You'll go through your four dungeons and spend an hour in the Dimensional Portals and play enough PvP to earn your reward for the day.

Let's finish up the carnival analogy. Before calling it an afternoon at the carnival you're sure to spend every cent in your wallet on several games with the hope of winning a huge animal. You're probably able to guess the direction I'm taking here: gear progression. Just like carnival games, Elyon's loot progression is rigged for you to lose. A single win is nothing and stacking consecutive wins in a row to win the prize is virtually impossible. Yes, there's always someone walking around with a huge pink panda bear to prove that there's a chance but the odds of you hitting it big? not that great.

Just like a visit to the carnival, even though it wasn't the best experience I've ever had, I haven't ended with a full day of playing Elyon with the impression that I was having a bad time. One of the biggest questions for me is how long this fun can be around for? We're only a month past launch, and if you're not online for the daily reset, finding a group for dungeon runs with can be a struggle.

It's the same about finding a good match for the various kinds of PvP. The lower the number of players there are, the more difficult it will be to generate an income, and it's likely that within a short time the financials will dictate what items go cheapest Elyon Gold into Cash Shop. In cheapest Elyon Gold the event that this occurs, the number of players is likely to shrink further. So , I'll just keep going along with this roller coaster until it stops. Aaaaand, it's gone!



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