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  • August 24, 2021


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Spice, the Queen of Dancehall, got heat from her boyfriend Justin Budd for her well-known Dancehall stage antics, as revealed in a recent episode of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta (LHHATL).

On Thursday, the docu-soap franchise shared a clip from the episode and asked their followers, “How would you approach this situation if you were in Spice’s shoes?”

Justin, a LHHATL production staffer who appears on the show with Spice from time to time, said he feels some type of way about her “grinding and dancing” with other men during her performances and now that she isn’t single anymore, she needs to ‘watch what she does’ going forward.

In the previously recorded clip, the new couple discussed the next phase of their ‘pandemic relationship’ when Spice finally returns to the stage. “I like being Grace at home but right now I’m ready to just ditch Grace Hamilton for Spice the performer,” she said.

But knowing all too well how raunchy and rude her choreography can get, Spice wanted to prep Justin for what’s to come.

The Send It Up singer started off, “You know I’m getting ready to go back on the road. I know we have a pandemic relationship but sooner or later I’ll have to take this black wig off and go back to the blue hair girl, Spice!”

As Budd was trying to wrap his head around what she meant by a “pandemic relationship,” Spice continued, “We started out last year during the whole COVID but now things are about to change and I wanna make sure that we are ready and prepared for that change.”

Budd then replied, “ Well you know, I knew the time would come some time but you know I would never want to see you grinding, dancing with nobody else.”

Completely ignoring Spice’s very loud sigh, he added, “I know that your art of music is very sexually provocative and it makes me feel some type a way sometimes you know.”

Spice who was apparently blindsided by the comment said, “What do you mean?”

“What I mean is, you with somebody now, you not single no more so I’m telling you, you must watch what you do. Tone that sh#t down,” Budd snapped.

In her confessional scene, Spice admitted this was the last thing she wanted to hear because she doesn’t want anything holding her back from being the great artiste that she knows she is.

If you know anything about the QOD then you know she and her dancers turn things up 100% during a performance. From the impy-skimpy outfits, impossible provocative dance moves to challenging and out-wining men on stage, fans are guaranteed to get their money’s worth.

Back in the scene with Budd, she told him, “You can’t make me feel like I got to watch myself on stage. I give my all to my fans,” but he cut her to say, “That show me what’s important to you.”

Back in her confessional, Spice told the audience, “To be honest, he knew who I was before we got together. He already knew I was the Queen of Dancehall, the ‘queen of stage’ so I can’t just take that away from my fans and say ‘okaaay I cant be too much Spice again. I’m gonna cut off some of the seasoning and drop some of my flavor’.”

Things between the two then got a little heated, for Budd, Spice’s wining on stage is overly stimulating, “That’s f@#% music to me” he said but she wasn’t having it one bit.

“But mi haffi wine!” she shrieked. “I do Dancehall music … It’s not f@#% Justin! It’s not humping and f@#king. It’s just a dance, it’s just a dance!”

Budd then told her, he never imagined being with someone who he had to watch wine with other guys on stage. “Listen, my fantasy wasn’t being with somebody who I gotta watch dance with some $#@!” he said

Spice was simply at a loss for words at this point and stormed out of the room, “That’s like a low blow right there. I don’t know,” she said going through the door.



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