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  • January 18, 2022


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Research has confirmed that one of the most common reasons for decreased demand for products is packaging.

Research has confirmed that one of the most common reasons for decreased demand for products is packaging. Shape, color, image, text, competitive environment - everything affects sales. In the pre brand era, packaging performs only one function - protection. Labeling - facilitates the identification of goods for accounting purposes. Today, the ability of packaging to differentiate a product from competitors, be remembered, and communicate product characteristics to its intended audience is important for product manufacturers.

To create such packaging, KALI box packaging uses knowledge and practical experience in the fields of marketing, graphic design, commodity marketing, and advertising media production. For a highly competitive market, we conduct a multivariate analysis of the competitive environment, formulate marketing hypotheses about the package design, develop the design, and examine them through hardware neuromarketing research eye tracking.

What is the correct packaging?
Visual images fit perfectly with the idea of sales, reconstructing your product from a competitor based on the chosen orientation.

It draws attention to your favorable target audience, meets motivation and selection criteria, and evokes necessary associations.

Stable, reproduced at a given cost by the technology used in package production.

patent law
The package solutions developed allow patents to be patented for industrial design. Design as a tool for product positioning on the market Kali is created more than a beautiful design. Due to the combined efforts of marketers and designers, the packaging we developed:
Improving product visibility
Working on overall brand image,
Stimulation of spontaneous and planned purchase,
Making emotional connections between brands and customers.

The first stage of package development is market research.
If you face the task of bringing a product into a highly competitive market or if the product falls into the category of "" low involvement in the purchase process "", we recommend hardware studies of the consumer behavior of your product - eye tracking.

In the eye movement tracking process, we study buyers' experiences, measuring the focal group's visual attentional distribution on the store front and your product displays in a competitive setting. Process of collecting raw data on customer behavior. The following slides show several reports on consumer attention span. The site of the study was magnenit, igefsk, cheese, milk. Based on the data obtained during the study, packaging options were developed and then tested in a competitive setting (retail store or laboratory). The final result justifies the additional cost of Eyring's study we predicted the consumer's response even before the product was released in a new shelf of packaging.

Packing design
In our times, creating packaging and logo design has become a real art. A project is usually not completed by a single designer, but by a team of brand managers, artist designers, and print factory workers under the direction of the project coordinator.

Employees of Kali studio develop packaging and labeling designs of any kind and shape (e.g., boxes, bags, or bags) for different products. We design packages not only for consumer goods (FMCG) but also for the industrial sector: for example, our designers have been involved in a package design project for dry building blends. Almost all the products that we can draw graphically, regardless of the scope of the company.

When conducting a project, we consider the traditional principles of element compatibility and modern packaging design philosophy. At the same time, we mainly rely on the brand's corporate image, using brand books. If the brand is new and there is no brand book, we will help you develop it to think of a name, a company logo, and an image of the whole business as a whole. In addition, we would be happy to develop a complex project of single styles of packaging materials for a product line produced by the same brand. Examples of these works are also in our set of works.

When carrying out a project, we consider some points that affect the appearance of the final product:
Formal style,
Brand tradition,
Characteristics and characteristics of the product,
Ideas or USP - unique sales claims,
Trends, design trends,
Buyers' expectations.
Working stages

First, we send a brief question about the brand, the characteristics of the company's business, and the desire for a designer. A detailed detailed answer will help us create a design for your product that exactly matches its content, emphasizing its strengths. This will help increase the product's awareness and volume.

How much will be required for product packaging design
The cost of developing a package design for a product is dependent on effort and time. After speaking with our manager, an estimated price for brand packaging design can be found. When Moscow orders packaging design services from Kali agents, you get a professional team for your use: many of the works of studio designers are rewarded in renowned games.



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