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  • July 27, 2022


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Select map M and the locations where towns have been displayed on the map feature these kinds of pillars which are white and are teleportable.The tooth row in Elyon Gold the image is the boss wild and it must be summoned by the appropriate summon crystal. There is a small chance of summoning crystals to take on mobs in the same area as well. It appears to be it's in the backpack. If you want to summon crystals, go to the BOSS location to summon.

District server issues

Auction House (Item and Coin Gear) It is the thing on the right side that appears like a scale is the auction. After opening the product, click in the lower right corner.About how to buy gold-plated gear and gold coins at auctionJewelry source, after reaching level 40. Go to the main city and look for this icon, and buy

Repairing the equipment: locate an experienced blacksmith. The secondary weapon belt is broken and strengthened.What happens if the mount gets sold?Visit the stronghold, and locate a person with this type of horse head to purchase it.Where to buy skill books today?You can find it as an NPC in any stronghold region to purchase it.

The definition of night light? Light is used to open the skill key L. These are things that are luminescent. This can greatly enhance the various aspects of the job, such as damage to skill, hit, PVP damage, etcCompensation may give luminous buy Elyon Gold, but most of the time you purchase it yourself. The two boxes above are bright boxes. The two star-shaped luminous lights appear randomly open.



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