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  • July 22, 2022


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The entire notes on the update are worth reading through to get a sense of the entire class overhaul and what to Elyon Gold anticipate now that the server mergers are in place. There's a new update to The Demon System, additional appearances for RvR events, and even new ones like Jar of Greed, loot adjustments , and much more. For moreinformation, go to Elyon.

The reveals were made at the most recent Kakao Now presentation, and are the most significant changes in Elyon in the time since its Western launch. While certain adjustments are more realistic, like plans for controller support, and the introduction of new PvP and PvE targeted channels that can support both styles of play without overlap however, the majority of the changes are with the addition of new and enhanced content.

The new content in the raid allows 30 players to take on Irukas an elusive dragon that has eliminated his opponents at Dragon's Arena and is waiting to see who else wants to take on him. The raid is heavily based on teamwork and strategies, so you'll need to cooperate together with other players to evade his attack patterns and unleash powerful attacks that can take the dragon down.

The Hunting Grounds are coming to the map, including one that is under the ocean. It's called the Temple of Desire. Temple of Desire is a one-of-a-kind hunting ground for clans. you'll be able attack any player who is clams with enemies regardless of which you're part of. whoever isn't in your clan is an opponent. Another hunting ground is called the secret see and it is situated under water. You'll require submarines to access it so submarines are coming to take you on a journey to and visit Islands, end hunt monsters on cheap Elyon Gold the bottom of ocean. As a variety of new content is that is being added and added, there will be a series of newly introduced boss monsters.



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