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Huiya Ceramic Anti-Static Raised Floor System (
1.All-steel ceramic anti-static floor is composed of all-steel, with high mechanical strength, strong load-bearing capacity and good fire resistance.
2. Surface electrostatic spraying, soft, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, non-cracking. Adhesive decoration is anti-static ceramics.
3. Good wear resistance and anti-static performance, anti- pollution, easy to clean, decorative, fire protection.
4. Rich design, high dimensional accuracy, good smoothness, wear resistance, long life, dust-free, easy to clean and maintenance-free, without waxing.
5. It inherits the wear resistance of ceramics and the high bearing capacity of steel plate, and is not easy to deform.
6. Ceramic tile surface has completely eliminated the problems of common HPL and PVC veneer warping, fracture and difficult cleaning. It is a rapidly developing renewal product.

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