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When you talk about technology, you must take care of the threats and risk factors. Bitcoin usage, transfer, and conversion are easy-going processes nowadays. Nevertheless, have you ever thought about whether your bitcoins are safe at exchange platforms? Although these exchange forums provide security about currency conversions it is not good to leave your bitcoins there for a long time.

This article will indicate the risk factors and let you know about the safest ways to store the bitcoins. When you talk about storing any currency the first thing that comes to mind is, keeping it in a wallet or bank. This read will give you an understanding of how a bitcoin wallet is a secure place to keep your bitcoins.

Although digital currency ensures the safety of information while doing transactions but for the protection of your cryptocurrency, you need to have a bitcoin paper wallet. This is just like a piece of paper but strong enough to prevent you from cyber-attacks and scammers.

Although there are two major categories of wallets, hot-wallets, and soft-wallets. However, if you are looking for a safe place, then you should go for the hard-wallets that work without internet access. The user needs to download the wallet from , this forum generates wallets using the user’s browser.

A common question may pop-up i-e, how to store bitcoin on a USB? In this regard, experts recommend not to use a USB, instead, a hard-wallet is much more secure than a USB. Because for confirming any transaction, bitcoin requires your private signature and USB is not safe in this regard. USB can expose your private key and thus bitcoins can be vulnerable to hackers.

Hence using hard-wallets are more preferred to use instead of placing bitcoins in any exchange platforms or hot-wallets. Because of the way your transaction information is verified by blockchain, the same way this wallet operates using blockchain technology.

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